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Childhood obesity continues to be a significant problem in the UK. All of society has a role to play to effectively address this challenge, from government to businesses to consumers.

As some of the UK’s leading chocolate and confectionery companies, we’re proud of the action we’ve taken already to support consumers. To date, we’ve reduced  calories in our products and introduced a voluntary 250 calorie cap for single-serve chocolates in 2015.

But we know there’s more we can do.

We all need to remember that treats, such as chocolate, are special, created to bring a bit of variety and magic into our lives.

This is why we’ve come together behind Be treatwise, an initiative from some of the UK’s leading confectionery and treats companies to help us keep treats as treats.

Together with parents, grandparents, experts and industry, we will:

  • Identify new ways in which we can help you and your families adopt better treating behaviour, while also accounting for the realities of modern parenting.
  • Aim to conduct at least one consumer trial to help you make the best treating decisions for your families. These will be developed and assessed in collaboration with a panel of independent experts.
  • Begin introducing the redesigned Be treatwise label onto the packs and marketing materials of select treats products, to help you remember that these products are treats intended for occasional enjoyment.

More about the Be treatwise label

The Be treatwise label was originally developed by Cadbury in 2006, and currently features on the packaging of Cadbury chocolate products.

A new Be treatwise label will begin appearing on the packaging of certain products and marketing of participating companies.

Other companies that offer treats that have a portion size of 250 kcal or less are welcome to join the initiative. For more information, please contact pressoffice@betreatwise.net.

Be treatwise with chocolate

Chocolate has been loved and enjoyed by people across the world for centuries. The first chocolate bar was created right here in the UK in 1847 and since then, innovations in modern manufacturing and the creativity of our people have produced many of the chocolates we know and love today.

For many of us, chocolate isn’t just a product; it’s so much more than that. We love it because of its delicious taste and the way it can be used to create a whole world of delightful inventions, such as Cadbury, Kinder Chocolate and MALTESERS®.

Most people already have chocolate as an occasional treat. According to Kantar, 87% of UK consumers already eat chocolate once a week or less * .

But sometimes knowledge isn’t easy to turn into action, which is why Be treatwise is looking at ways in which we can help support families with better treating behaviour on a regular basis.

*In Home Food Consumption Panel – Kantar UK – 52 w/e Jan 2016

Join us!

Other treats brands are welcome to join Be treatwise. For more information, please contact pressoffice@betreatwise.net.