Major UK confectionery companies join forces to help families keep treats special

Mondelez International, Ferrero UK and Mars Wrigley Confectionery UK are today coming together behind Be treatwise, an initiative aimed at helping the nation have a balanced approach to treats.

These companies will crowdsource ideas with parents, grandparents and health experts to hear what new actions industry could potentially adopt to help families treat responsibly. The companies will then aim to trial at least one of the new measures in the UK market and a panel of independent experts will participate in reviewing its effectiveness.

In addition, a redesigned Be treatwise label will start to appear on the packaging of certain products and marketing from the three companies, reminding people that these products are treats intended for occasional enjoyment.

The label was originally developed by Cadbury in 2006, with Ferrero UK and Mars Wrigley Confectionery UK now looking to adopt it. Other companies that offer treats that have a portion size of 250 kcal or less are welcome to join the initiative.

Be treatwise builds on the category’s track record of successful partnership on the public health agenda, having already introduced a voluntary 250 calorie cap for single-serve chocolates in 2015.

Consumers can find out more information about the initiative at, a newly created educational resource reviewed by a panel of independent nutritionists, offering practical tips and advice on how treats can be enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Glenn Caton, President, Northern Europe, Mondelez International, commented:

“Chocolate has had a special place in our lives for centuries, with the first chocolate bar created right here in the UK in 1847. Most of us know that chocolate should be enjoyed occasionally, as part of a balanced and active lifestyle but yet the public health challenge remains.With the launch of this initiative, we want to get to the heart of the everyday realities parents face and how we can help them adopt better treating behaviour.”

Pieraldo Oldano, CEO, Ferrero UK added:

“There is no such thing as good or bad foods, only good or bad diets. We all have a role to play in addressing the challenges of modern society and are committed to doing more where we can. We are proud to be taking a collaborative approach to help support families in understanding the role of treats in a balanced and varied diet, bringing extra enjoyment to those special moments in life.”

David Manzini, General Manager, Mars Wrigley Confectionery UK, commented:

“From manufacturers to retailers to government, we all have a role to play in helping parents and grandparents establish better treating behaviour for their families. Our three companies have come together to take further steps to address the challenge, and we hope other confectionery companies will join us so that everyone’s relationship with treats can be a more balanced one.”

Tim Rycroft, FDF Corporate Affairs Director said:

“The Be treatwise initiative is a great example of how food and drink manufacturers are looking to engage with consumers around healthier behaviours and reacting appropriately in order to meet these needs.

“Our industry is committed to helping people choose a balanced lifestyle and make informed decisions around the foods and drinks they love.”